The Humane Society of the Boulder Valley is an open-admission, socially conscious animal shelter founded in 1902 that provides services that impact more than 16,000 animals each year. Animal Arts designed their current, 29,718 square-foot facility in our own backyard of Boulder in 1999. The building includes a 3,641 square-foot veterinary clinic to support the shelter medicine program and a full-service, public veterinary clinic. Proceeds from the public clinic help to support shelter medicine program.

Animal Arts recently completed a renovation to the 3,641 square-foot clinic, with an addition of 1,784 square feet to better support the veterinary services. HSBV established a temporary clinic in the second-floor training space to continue providing veterinary services during the construction.

The renovation added three exam rooms and new waiting areas, allowing for dog and cat species separation. A larger, three-table surgery replaced the existing suite and a new pack/prep adjacent to surgery was added to provide more efficiency for staff. Treatment is now also separated by species to provide a Fear Free® experience for the animals.

• New separate dog and cat waiting areas.
• A separate dental suite.
• Additional square footage includes a large dog ward, larger laboratory, and a comfort room.
• The renovation of the existing clinic with new finishes and a more efficient layout.

Project Name

Humane Society of the Boulder Valley


Boulder, Colorado


5,425 Square Feet

What We Did

Full Architecture & Design