The PARC is an innovative 25,000 square-foot veterinary facility that provides whole life and veterinary care for pets, including general medicine and preventative care, 24/7 emergency care, boarding, grooming, and play care for dogs and cats.

The hospital features a completely open and transparent approach to care, literally and figuratively. All glass exam rooms surround an all glass treatment room, ICU, doctor’s station and surgery prep spaces. Deleting the barriers between pet healthcare and pet parents builds trust and respect.

Another benefit of transparency is flooding the building with natural light. The double-height treatment space not only gathers soft light from north-facing windows, it allows the veterinarians and staff to look down into the space from the office areas above.

The hospital features specialty and general surgery rooms, a full ICU, featuring a client visiting area, and several rooms for special services such as dental and ultrasound. The building also features a continuing education classroom with tiered setting, so the hospital can host educational seminars.

dvm360/Veterinary Economics 2020 Hospital of the Year Runner Up 

Project Name

The PARC – People. Animals. Revolutionary Care.


Fort Worth, Texas


14,700 Square Feet

What We Did

Interior Architecture & Design