Fear Free SM

Fear Free is a movement within veterinary medicine that aims to improve care and outcomes for animals by reducing the stress pets feel in veterinary settings. As active participants, Animal Arts has created design options for any and every hospital that support Fear Free practices.

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Animal Housing

The needs of housed animals is highly situational, i.e. medical housing is vastly different from long-term shelter housing. Working with experts in the field, including UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine, we design and specify housing that reduces stress and promotes socialization and healing for animals.

Noise & Odor Control

Noise and odor control are a critical part of any animal care environment. Our designs focus on all three of the major noise control methodologies of absorption, isolation, and dissipation, and more importantly the elimination of many stressors that cause barking. Additionally, our HVAC and plumbing designs will help to effectively clean and exhaust odors from your facility.

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Impact on Operations

Providing the best animal care means maximizing a facility’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. A well-designed animal care facility provides for the needs of animals while minimizing the cost of operations and maximizing staff effectiveness.

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