Animal Arts specializes exclusively in the design of animal care facilities. We have a proven track record of success with over 1,400 projects in 40 states, Canada and overseas.

If you are dreaming of a brand new building designed specifically to meet the needs of your practice or organization, our team can work with you in a variety of ways from choosing the perfect site to selecting finishes and equipment to make your dream facility a reality.

Many veterinarians who are going out on their own for the first time or who are expanding into satellite hospitals, choose leasehold spaces for their practices. We can help you make the most of any footprint.

We have also worked with dozens of clients looking to revamp their facilities, from simple cosmetic updates to major renovations and additions. We can help you from initial design planning through the phasing of the construction.

Our Services

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the foundation of every good hospital design. This is the step when, with your guidance, the floor plan spaces and adjacencies within the facility are laid out. An initial site plan layout can be provided as well, if necessary.

The goal is to create a hospital that is tailor-made for your practice and its functional needs.

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Bridging Documents

Bridging Documents are a way to combine our expertise with the convenience that a local design team can bring to your project.

Animal Arts can produce a set of drawings that identifies all of the specific veterinary components, including finishes and equipment, so your local team can complete the Construction Documents and assist in the construction of your hospital.

Full Architecture & Design

Working with you throughout the process, our team can complete the full scope of design from the Schematics to the Construction Documents to overseeing the building of your new facility.

This option also gives you the benefit of the expertise of our Mechanical/Plumbing and Electrical engineers, who have worked with us on dozens of animal care facility projects.

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Needs Assessments & Fundraising Packages

Many animal sheltering organizations need help to determine how large their facility should be or how much they can do with their budget. Animal Arts has assisted organizations across the United States, both municipal and nonprofit, to assess their needs and devise creative solutions to build or renovate within their budgets.

We have also provided hand-crafted and computer-generated drawings to assist in fundraising efforts.

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Master Planning

Planning for animal care facilities often starts on the project site. Campuses and projects with multiple buildings should be designed around a master plan that anticipates future growth and ensures proper traffic flow as new buildings and services are added.

Master planning is a first step we often engage in with our equine and animal shelter clients who plan to have multiple buildings on their sites.


You and your design team can take advantage of our animal care facility design expertise through hourly consultation. From reviewing your architect’s floor plans at the beginning of the process to discussing mechanical requirements in the middle, to helping you select animal housing toward the end, our designers can help you make the most of your new or renovated facility.

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