Dr. Treat takes the understanding that our pets are members of our families to a whole new level. They provide personalized veterinary medicine in a membership-only facility.

The owners wanted to create a state-of-the-art hospital with a minimalist, high-end feel to reflect the level of high-touch, individualized care they wanted to provide their clients.

They also wanted to ensure that their staff had a work environment that was supportive to enable them to provide the quality of care Dr. Treat would quickly become well known for.

We made the most of their small lease space, with fold-up exam tables, built-in storage, and utilized every square inch to create a highly efficient, but welcoming hospital.

Cats have their own exam room and cats and dogs have separated housing. The facility has three exam rooms and an additional comfort room. Treatment has three tables, allowing for dental care to be included as a service.

Plans to expand Dr. Treat to other locations are underway.

Project Name

Dr. Treat Veterinary Care


San Francisco, California


1,977 Square Feet

What We Did

Programming, Schematic Design, Consultation