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It’s been far too long, but we would like to welcome you back to the Animal Arts blog!

While we were away, we reflected on the work we have done, and how we wish to continue to grow and serve animal care communities as a specialized architecture firm.  This process led us to defining a vision and mission, to put into words what we aspire to practice every day.

Animal Arts Mission:  We listen, learn, and share knowledge to create innovative spaces for the care of animals. Through architecture and design, we promote and support the advancement of animal welfare and wellness.

In re-launching our blog, we hope to share the things we have learned in our 40+ years of designing spaces for the care of animals with you.  We want to create a forum that encourages conversation and helps to spark innovation within the veterinary, animal sheltering, and service dog industries.

In posts to come, look for discussions on design for equine care, the HASS animal sheltering model, how veterinary care is expanding in the animal sheltering world, tricks of the trade for creating veterinary spaces that resonate with clients and create efficiencies, Fear Free design ideas, and much more.


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