The Denver Animal Shelter was the first LEED Platinum animal shelter in the United States. 

The new shelter replaced a dated facility that could no longer meet the needs of Denver’s animal control efforts. The new shelter allows the City and County to accommodate their current and future capacity needs in a state-of-the-art, contemporary facility that incorporates the latest concepts in animal housing and shelter design. 

Animal Arts’ scope of design and coordination work on this project were extensive. We successfully retrained 20 consultant categories from civil to signage, followed specific city-driven project schedules, and facilitated the various workshops necessary for buy-in from a large and diverse group of stakeholders and city departments.

The 36,000 square-foot shelter incorporates many sustainable design principles that promote the wellbeing of the animals and staff, such as natural daylighting. The shelter provides care for up to 320 animals. 

Project Name

Denver Animal Shelter


Denver, Colorado


36,000 Square Feet

What We Did

Full Architecture & Design