Design for Every Life

At Animal Arts, we listen, learn, and share knowledge to create innovative spaces for the care of animals. Through architecture and design, we promote and support the advancement of animal welfare and wellness.

Our expertise in animal care facility architecture and design spans the veterinary and animal sheltering worlds, assistance dog care and training campuses, veterinary teaching hospitals, and animal boarding and daycare. We design small general practice veterinary clinics, expansive specialty emergency practices, and equine and large animal hospitals. Our work with animal sheltering organizations begins with needs assessments for small, nonprofits and continues up to large-scale shelter design for nationally-recognized organizations and municipalities.   

Art of Architecture

We believe a well-designed building will enable you to work smarter and better. Our goal is to create a building that fulfills your vision for the quality and commitment you have to the care of animals. 

Art of People

Just as the environment influences animal wellness, your environment impacts how your feel and perform. Our designs consider not only what is best for animals, but what is best for people.

Art of Animals

The physical environment has a measurable impact on animal health. This is why we are always innovating new ways to reduce stress and promote animal wellness and socialization in animal care environments.

Our Specialties
  • Veterinary Hospitals

  • Animal Shelters

  • Specialty Referral Hospitals

  • Equine Facilities

  • Pet Boarding and Daycare

  • University Veterinary Teaching Facilities

  • Fear Free SM Facility Design

Our Guide to Hospital Design

The design of your hospital can help you make the most of your veterinary business. Written for veterinarians and practice managers, Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to planning, designing, and building a successful hospital written by Animal Arts.


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